4 FREE contacts

Give 1, get 1

Earn more FREE contacts for every contact you add or update

350 contacts

For $250/year*

$1.00/contact for
additional contacts







750 contacts

For $500/year*

$1.00/contact for
additional contacts







3,600 contacts

For $1,500/year*
  • Unlimited view of complete contact
  • List suppression up to 200k contacts
  • $.50/contact for additional contacts

All Connect plans include these core features:

  • 100% complete contact records, with name, email, title, address, phone number and social handles
  • Accurate contact profiles kept up-to-date by the Connect community and patent technology
  • Search and filtering capabilities across every title, industry, and geography
  • Saved search functionality to store the criteria for up to 15 of your targeted searches
  • List export capability for up to 50K contacts at a time
  • Ability to earn additional points which never expire by adding or updating contact info in our database. You can use these points to purchase more contacts.
  • Membership into our vibrant community for help, events, tools and much more

*All purchases are billed at a one time yearly fee. The points you purchase are valid for 12 months. Connect plans renew automatically after 12 months. If you decide not to renew, you can turn off auto-renewal. Connect is a community application for professionals who trade business contact information.
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