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Without it getting a prospect's contact info is hard...Thank You Connect

- David Muir

"I've been a member of Connect for less than a year and have already benefitted tremendously from using the site. I can easily access companies I am looking into and can also easily access contacts that I need for certain accounts I am prospecting."

- Hannah Stevens, May 2017
Member since 2016

"As a result of using Connect, I have made numerous connections, far too many to list here, that have helped me reach my target customers. Whether that's by email or direct dial phone numbers, I count on Connect every day. Connect is my #1 source for researching direct dial numbers and email addresses."

- Keith Pew, February 2017
Member since 2015

Clever Zebo

Clever Zebo “has grown roughly 100% year
over year, each year since using Connect.”

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" Connect has been a boon for my sales efforts. I have been able to find critical contact information for prospects in my pipeline that has allowed me to close many more deals. I have been able to earn bonuses and achieve the number 2 sales status in our company right behind the VP of Sales. Thanks Connect!"

- Evan Call, February 2017
Member since 2016

"I have been using Connect since 2007. While I have been in several different sales jobs since then, I have always had Connect in my back pocket to help me out. I love this tool more then anything else available on the internet for finding new leads. Thank you very much for providing this service, as it has helped me excel in my roles over the years by providing great contact information!"

- Stephen Shuman, December 2016
Member since 2007

Jordan Gehlmann

Thanks for providing a tool that helps me streamline my prospecting. The information is clear and concise and saves me hours of research time.

- Jordan Gehlmann

Kristy Kramer Connect has been an invaluable tool in cold calling and sales efforts. With Connect, I am able to usually know the person I am calling first and therefore can get to speak to them with more consistency.

- Kristy Kramer

"I had the opportunity to create wonderful partnership with some wonderful corporations and obtain support for several projects I worked on as a result of using Connect. Awesome product!"

- Romina Maria, October 2016
Member since 2016

"I love, I couldn't do my job without it!"

- Carolina Muniz, September 2016
Member since 2016

"Using has been a huge asset to my company. We use the website to help cleansing records/data, identify decision makers, and get names to get past stubborn gatekeepers. We love the fact the info is user-based and updated, so you have some of the most up-to-date info about an organization as you can have without having to look up all the research on your own; huge time saver!"

- Nick Wulf, September 2016
Member since 2014

"I always head to whenever I can't find someone's contact info! It has been a great resource!"

- Matt Cox, June 2016
Member since 2016

Danny Powell

It allows me to reach the people that I need to reach, ...when and where. I need to reach them.

- Danny Powell

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Getting to Know Connect

What is Connect? Connect’s online directory gives you instant access to the business contact information for millions of professionals, including email, phone number, job title, and company.

How do we help you?

Connect enables you to contact decision-makers directly, bypassing the potential gatekeepers standing between you and your next success. Whether you’re looking for sales leads, business contacts, crafting a targeted marketing list, or searching for ideal job candidates, Connect helps you make key business connections.

What does it cost?

Nothing, thanks to our "Give 1, get 1" plan. We also have paid plans.

How do we get our data?

Our data is crowd sourced from our members, who contribute information from their own networks into our database in exchange for access to contacts they haven’t been able to reach. Our unique community model and patented data cleansing technology ensure the data is always accurate and updated.


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