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" Connect helped my team scale from 0 prospects to 12,000 in one month!"

- Michael Dodd, June 2016

" allows me to connect with potential prospects and decision makers I wouldn't be able to reach otherwise and has been a key part of my business success."

- Andrew Lyon, June 2016

" has helped me clean up my current contacts and establish new leads with companies throughout the United States. Having a clean database of contacts helps me ensure my campaigns are delivered efficiently and keeps the bounce rate low."

- Andy Miller, April 2016

"Sourced a 250k deal with a prospect I identified all through - Accuracy & Reliability at its finest!"

- Alex Fisher, April 2016

"I have been using for a few years now. As we all know, nobody stays in one spot these days. has helped me keep track of existing contacts, and contacts that I might have lost sight of. I use weekly."

- Matt Mesgleski, April 2016

"We LOVE [Connect]! Opens up a ton of doors for us to new potential business and has allowed us to scale significantly."

- Brian Lefton, April 2016

"With Connect, I can find the decision makers I need, make new connections and increase my network! It is peer-to-peer driven, and that makes Connect one of the best data mining tools in the market today."

- Stewart Wolfenson, March 2016

"As I person that works in inside sales, finding correct email addresses can sometimes be a struggle. Connect is the tool that I use every day to verify email addresses and find contacts. It is by far the best source for leads. I often have offers from competitors or similar services, and I always reply No thanks! - they can't beat Connect! Connect has definitely been a big contributor to my success."

- Beth Wegner, March 2016

"I love Data Connect! What a great system - mainly because the points system is fair and directly proportional to the effort and input one gives. Much of my business is in the technology vertical, where the personnel turnover is rapid. Connect is the most efficient and most currently updated tool that I use. I can count on the names, direct dial phone numbers, and email addresses to be resoundingly accurate. Thank you for a system that is accurate AND affordable."

- Bill Bliler, February 2016

"The reach of people I have been able to get in touch with through Connect has been phenomenal."

- Kris Ezlinger, February 2016

"Can't say enough about how many sales Connect has made me - way too many to count. If you are just getting started in sales or have been in sales for 25 years, this site has to be in your leads arsenal. Thanks so much for making Connect the best lead source out there."

- John Page, October 2015

" Connect is awesome - I can't imagine trying to do business without this amazing resource!"

- Kris Kelly, July 2015

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Getting to Know Connect

What is Connect? Connect’s online directory gives you instant access to the business contact information for millions of professionals, including email, phone number, job title, and company.

How do we help you?

Connect enables you to contact decision-makers directly, bypassing the potential gatekeepers standing between you and your next success. Whether you’re looking for sales leads, business contacts, crafting a targeted marketing list, or searching for ideal job candidates, Connect helps you make key business connections.

What does it cost?

Nothing, thanks to our "Give 1, get 1" plan. We also have paid plans.

How do we get our data?

Our data is crowd sourced from our members, who contribute information from their own networks into our database in exchange for access to contacts they haven’t been able to reach. Our unique community model and patented data cleansing technology ensure the data is always accurate and updated.


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