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"Connect helped me eliminate the trouble of gatekeepers and the dreaded “Vendor Line”...Having contacts grouped by job description and title means that I can always call or email a colleague of my desired contact to establish some rapport so that I can get a warmer introduction to the target. I no longer have to worry about a dead-end with only one contact and a ruthless gatekeeper."

- John Shelley, May 2015

" is an amazing resource that connects me to businesses and individuals of all sizes and sectors. It's fantastic! Thanks for making it available."

- Rose Garretson, May 2015

"Good source of manufacturing leads for an affordable price."

- Richard Laurenzi, May 2015

"I often receive only one or two contacts for a partner from my sales team in SF, but that is just scratching the surface. By logging into [Connect] I can find many additional partner team members that can offered access to our partner tools and resources, and communicated to through our partner newsletter."

- Katherine Russ-Hotfelter, May 2015

"Flat out the most reliable resource for key contact information available on the market. No need to test anyone else - go get [Connect]."

- Robert Widner, May 2015

"I can't do my job without [Connect]."

- Scott Sherer, May 2015

" [Connect] is the absolute easiest and best way to find and contribute professional contact information. It makes the painfully time consuming process of prospecting faster and therefore, more bearable! I would recommend it to anyone who needs to find contacts, fast! "

- Rachel Haigh, April 2015

"Giving us the needed contacts when we need them. We give, [Connect] gives back"

- Jason Bowman, April 2015

"We have been able to increase revenue generating accounts by using [Connect]."

- Travis Yorek, April 2015

" [Connect] has become my number 1 tool for my lead generation sales process, couldn't do my sales without it, Bravo!!"

- Ernesto Montoya, April 2015

"Connect has turned out to be my “go to” database when it comes to reliable contact and industry information "

- Robert Betts, April 2015

"Connect has allowed our company to communicate with key decision makers at companies which would have otherwise been difficult to connect with. Truly a great tool for anyone in a Sales/Business Development Role."

- Tom Marsden, March 2015

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Getting to Know Connect

What is Connect? Connect’s online directory gives you instant access to the business contact information for millions of professionals, including email, phone number, job title, and company.

How do we help you?

Connect enables you to contact decision-makers directly, bypassing the potential gatekeepers standing between you and your next success. Whether you’re looking for sales leads, business contacts, crafting a targeted marketing list, or searching for ideal job candidates, Connect helps you make key business connections.

What does it cost?

Nothing, thanks to our "Give 1, get 1" plan. We also have paid plans.

How do we get our data?

Our data is crowd sourced from our members, who contribute information from their own networks into our database in exchange for access to contacts they haven’t been able to reach. Our unique community model and patented data cleansing technology ensure the data is always accurate and updated.


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