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Plan territories effectively and target the most-profitable opportunities with precision.

Maximize resources with business data you can trust

Maximize resources with

Business data you can trust

D&B data lets you allocate resources efficiently, segment and target accurately, plan accounts effectively, and feel confident you have the information you need to move your business forward.

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Accelerate the sales cycle with right inside
your CRM

Open more doors and close more deals. With natively integrated in Salesforce, Connect and D&B data flows seamlessly into your internal business processes, so your reps can spend less time searching and more time closing.

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Accelerate the sales cycle with right inside
Measure ROI with data analytics and dashboards

Measure ROI with

Data analytics and dashboards

With in Salesforce, real-time reporting and at-a-glance dashboards let you track's contribution to pipeline, sales, and revenue.

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Not a Salesforce user? We have a solution for you: Connect Connect has a B2B data solution for individuals to small businesses. You can buy points to access specific contacts or join the Connect community and share contacts for free.