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Rainmaker Perks

What is a Rainmaker?

Rainmakers are Connect’s highest tier of members. Because they have contributed lots of accurate data - at least 500 correct adds or updates with a member rating of 90% or higher - they've earned special membership privileges.

What are the perks of being a Rainmaker?

Rainmakers make it rain, so we like to spoil them with special perks, like free registration to our annual member event in Las Vegas. Additional Rainmaker benefits include access to:

  • Special, one-of-a-kind swag items
  • Rainmaker-only webinars
  • Potential eligibility for participation in our special community programs
  • Exclusive news and updates in our monthly Insider Newsletter

How can I become a Rainmaker?

Becoming a Rainmaker is as simple as adding and updating accurate data.

To become a Rainmaker you need two things: 500 rated data actions and a member rating of 90% or better. When you add or update a record in Connect, it starts a 45 day period where you can earn a "rated data action." If, within that 45 day period, no other member marks that record as incorrect, you'll earn a rated data action. Having the information you add or update go unchallenged contributes positively to your member rating as well. If the data isn’t fresh and another member makes changes, your rating will be negatively impacted.

With a 90%+ member rating and 500 earned rated data actions, you’ll become a Rainmaker and attend for free! Start adding and updating today!