Contact Us Connect Removal Support Connect is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals listed in our online business directory. If you have received an email informing you of your inclusion, or are curious as to whether your information is listed in our database, please review the options below.

"I received an email from Connect."

The email serves as notification of your inclusion in the Connect database. Only your business contact information is available, including name, title, company, email, and phone number. If you wish to remove yourself from the database, please refer to the email and click the "Remove My Profile" link. If you would like to review the information listed before making a decision about removing your information, please refer to the email and click the "Review and Set Preferences" link.

"I'm not sure if my information is listed in Connect."

To check whether your business contact information is listed, please visit the "Are you in Connect" page and enter your business email address. You will be sent an email informing you of your status. If you are listed, you will have the opportunity to review your information and remove it if you so choose. Connect will not share the email address used to check your status.

For information about how our data is compiled, please review our Business Contact Privacy Statement. Please note that our Terms of Use prohibit members from entering non-business related information, such as mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses, and require members to comply with anti-spam laws, including CAN-SPAM. If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket.