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“Content is king” is an inescapable refrain in business today. But with all the information available, how do you get the most bang for your buck and ensure you’re hitting the right audience with the right message? Clever Zebo, a marketing firm specializing in targeting the right consumers with the right information through A/B testing and online optimization, found the answer: data. And not just any data; they rely on Connect to identify and contact potential prospects and grow their business.

Every Client Counts:

A premium boutique firm, one of Clever Zebo’s biggest challenges was finding a high volume of quality leads, especially since they needed to target executives at startups.

“Before Connect, we were having trouble reaching the right people, both to close new deals for us and also on behalf of many of our clients.”

-Igor Belogolovsky, CoFounder at Clever Zebo Connect

“We started using Connect in 2012 and it’s helped us get in touch with the right people for partnerships, blog contributions, business development, sales, and product feedback,” explained Igor. “With Connect, we can send potential prospects targeted messages that promise them value.”

Using Connect’s advanced search functionality, Clever Zebo was able to input specific parameters around location, job title, function, and company size to build their own specific list of partners and customers that met their criteria. Information on the Company Card helped them craft better targeted messages that delivered value. Since using Connect, Clever Zebo “has grown roughly 100% year over year, each year since using Connect.”

“[T]he value provided by is tremendous and it’s been instrumental in growing our business.” Connect Delivers for Clever Zebo

revenue growth in the first year with Connect
quality leads generated last year with Connect
product demo opportunities generated
people reached in total since using Connect Connect goes beyond the business card. With full contact and company information, Connect offers a unique, crowdsourced database with complete, accurate and up-to-date information.

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Igor Belogolovsky

Igor Belogolovsky
CoFounder at Clever Zebo

Getting to Know Connect

What is Connect? Connect’s online directory gives you instant access to the business contact information for millions of professionals, including email, phone number, job title, and company.

How do we help you?

Connect enables you to contact decision-makers directly, bypassing the potential gatekeepers standing between you and your next success. Whether you’re looking for sales leads, business contacts, crafting a targeted marketing list, or searching for ideal job candidates, Connect helps you make key business connections.

What does it cost?

Nothing, thanks to our "Give 1, get 1" plan. We also have paid plans.

How do we get our data?

Our data is crowd sourced from our members, who contribute information from their own networks into our database in exchange for access to contacts they haven’t been able to reach. Our unique community model and patented data cleansing technology ensure the data is always accurate and updated.


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